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The Volusia-Flagler Group of Sierra Club Florida is currently reorganizing. If you would like to help us as we form a new leadership team and put together events, outings, etc. please email

Stay tuned for our new events.

Prevent Sprawl. Sprawl sends new urban development away from our city centers and outward into our farmland, forests, and wild places. It creates a need for more city infrastructure on land that was once undeveloped or productive farming or timber land. Bigger roads, more water supplies, energy lines, hospitals, schools and community safety must all be provided to new sprawl city residents and paid for by county taxpayers.

Farmton, a proposed development on 59,000 acres of timber land and forested
wetlands in Volusia County, will put 23,000 homes and commercial spaces in wetlands
and uplands used by black bears and Florida panther and preserved as the largest
wetlands mitigation bank in the state.

Sierra Club Florida challenged the Volusia County land use plan for Farmton development
in court. In January, 2012, the administrative law judge ruled that Farmton did not fit
the description of sprawl defined by the weakened growth management laws adopted 3 months earlier.

Sierra Club Florida will continue to oppose this development.

As we educate Floridians about the cost to themselves and to our environment. We will advocate and work for stronger growth management laws in our state.

Think sprawl is only about hurting your environment? What about the pain to your wallet? Find a Florida county near you and figure out if you can afford to allow sprawl to continue. Check out The price of sprawl

What do smart growth and infill development look like? These computer-generated simulations are designed to demonstrate how sprawling communities can be revitalized and made more livable. See Community transformations

What can we do to stop it? Sierra Club works to change our local and state laws which promote bad development. We fight development which affects our wild places and important natural resources. We propose transportation solutions and community growth options which protect our air and water and wildlife.

DONATE to prevent sprawl. Donations to our education and litigation fund help us fight the necessary legal battles and get the word out on environmental issues. And they are tax deductible! Make out your check to Sierra Club Foundation, Florida Chapter Fund, and mail it to Sierra Club Foundation, 85 Second Street, Suite 750, San Francisco, CA, 94105.


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