Honeymoon Island Hike

Outings Leader: Linda Lyon

It was osprey breeding season on the 3 mile Osprey Trail hike through the pine forest, mangrove and tidal flats of Honeymoon Island. The Tampa Bay Sierrans were buffeted by high winds that morning as they searched for the nest of the elusive resident local owl which, upon discovery, appeared empty.

The first recorded visitors of this island were the men and women of the Tocobaga tribe. Hog Island, as it was later called by pioneers, was split in two by a hurricane in 1921 forming Hurricane Pass and Caladesi Island. In 1939, Hog Island became Honeymoon Isle when a New York developer built 50 palm-thatched bungalows for honeymooners. Honeymoon Island is a link in the chain of barrier islands that extends from Anclote Key south to Cape Romano, cushioning the Florida coast from tropical storms. Geologically speaking, the island is a relative youngster -- only 7,000 years old!