January 7th 2007 Alafia Scrub Preserve Hike

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We had a wonderful hike through the 80-acre Alafia Scrub Preserve, "... a true spiritual experience through a rare ancient Oak Scrub ..." as described by our Outings Leader, Rikter, who chose this location.

As the following photos attempt to describe, we encounted many varities of fungus and a grove of curious looking gnarly trees with pyramid-like extrusions on their bark. We hope someone in our viewing audience will help us identify these interesting plants and mushrooms. We invite you to email the Webmaster with your insights.

Many thanks to Toni for the delicious banana bread snack; Mariella, for sharing her knowledge of the environment; Chip for taking several of the better shots including our group photo; and Rikter, our fearless Outings Leader, for another great outdoor experience!