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Growth Management

The Tampa Bay Sierra Club has a long, successful record in helping to guide growth in our county and our state in order to protect our communities and our natural resources. Join us (we're a fun bunch!) and be a part of this important work.

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The Sierra Club was founded "to explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the earth." To do this more effectively, our Outings leaders have joined forces with those of other surrounding groups in St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Sarasota in order to provide several outing opportunities each weekend.

Some of the many Outings done this year were canoe trips along the Withlacoochee River, day hikes in Hillsborough RIver State Park, kayaking to Caya Costa Island on New Years Weekend, bicycling through Ocala National Forest, conducting basic wilderness training, and backpacking overnight in Juniper Springs. You don't have to be a wilderness expert. Usually all you need is a good pair of shoes. Nature usually takes care of the entertainment. Come see (and hear and smell) nature's beauty for yourself !

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Inner-City Outings (ICO)

Our ICO is focused on providing the outdoor experience to inner-city youths who may not otherwise have the chance to learn about the outdoors. Some have never used a map, or been to a museum, seen animals in the wild, been taught to fish, or even known that a river runs through the middle of Tampa.

And the kids learn, not just about the environment, but about themselves. You can see the friendship bonds build, or their eyes open wide when they discover they are standing just yards away from a wild animal. The volunteering is as much an eye-opener for the adults as it is for the children. You never know what you're going to find. Because of great response, there is now a complete section just for ICO. Click here for more.

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Legislative / Political

Our Legislative Committee is always very active conveying information about environmental issues to our members and influencing local and state government. The Tampa Bay group participates in lobbying in Tallahassee, educating local government officials about the responsible application of pesticides, and the considerations of development to wetland disturbance.

Our Political Committee is usually busy in an election year and the upcoming season will be no exception. Help assist in screening local candidates running for office so that we can endorse those with a proven "green-friendly" record with the Sierra Club name. No prior experience is required. You can help review the candidates' positions on various issues and participate in panel discussions. As part of the Sierra Club, you can have a real impact in your community's future. This is what being part of the nation's largest "grass-roots" organization is all about !!

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Public Relations / Membership

Our Public Relations and Membership leaders helped put together fund-raisers and membership drives as well as welcome new members into our 100-year-old organization. Public speakers are regularly requested from the Sierra Club for their outings, conservation, and legislative experience (remember, explore, enjoy and protect?) This is often one of the best ways to meet the active members. When you are teamed up with an experienced member, hearing the public's questions and members' answers provides a quick and easy way to learn about our many activities in the surrounding communities.

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Stash Your Cans

Through the generous arrangement with the Tampa Sports Authority, we are able to help promote recycling at many of the events held in the new Raymond James Stadium. For just an hour or two of time contributed toward recycling prior to an event, Sierra Club members are provided access to events for FREE. This includes games of the Buccaneers, Mutiny Soccer, South Florida Bulls, and certain concert events. If you want to do something good for your community and wouldn't mind enjoying a free pro sports or concert event, contact Stash-A-Cans committee chair.

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Don't Worry... Just because you may be new to environmental concern, volunteering, or to the Sierra Club, don't let that stop you from joining and participating. We have many tasks where your help can be valuable. Outdoor and indoor, from conservation to administration, we sure could use your help! We can work around your schedule to find ways for you to meet people, have fun, and get satisfaction as you help save the planet !!

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