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Your latest Growth Management Committee News!!!


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (EPC) has pulled the plug on its plant to sell off 'Florida Forever' properties (read the article here). The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has pulled the plug on its plan to sell off Florida Forever properties. These environmental lands are safe for now, but the future of Florida Forever depends on the Florida Water and Land Legacy Amendment on your November ballot. Sierra will be actively campaigning this fall. You are asked to help our Political Committee convert passion to action in support of our endorsed candidates and causes.

Our legislature is in session. The Tampa Bay Group has sent letters to each county commissioner and city councilperson asking for a resolution opposing HB 703, possibly the most dangerous bill to be presented this session. This bill is a water giveaway that takes away control of important development policies from local governments. SB 372 would exempt large developments from meeting important standards and virtually end Urban Service Areas as we know them. Please contact your representatives at both the state and local level and share your concerns about these bad bills.

On April 11 the Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP) will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Thru this program, the citizens of Hillsborough County have protected and preserved more than 60,000 acres of essential habitat and ecologically sensitive areas. Not only do ELAPP properties preserve important plant and animal species, but they also protect and enhance Hillsborough County’s vital water supply.

We hope to see you at the next Growth Management meeting where we will be working to protect and preserve Florida by encouraging smart growth policies.

The Sierra Growth Management Committee meets monthly at 5:30 pm just prior to the regular Sierra Club meeting.

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