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Hillsborough County Wetlands Are Under Assault! Pls Attend 6-29 Session at Cty Ctr!


The next meeting of the Board of County Commissioner's stealth "Economic Prosperity Committee" will be this Friday, June 29 from from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm on the 26th floor of the County Center, 601 East Kennedy.

After the last meeting of this panel, it is increasingly clear that they are targeting the EPC and our wetland protection regulations in the name of "streamlining regulation". Calmly, quietly, in the most reasonable of tones, the members of this committee are setting about the demolition of the remaining wetlands in Hillsborough County. And almost no one even knows what is going on. Code words like "predictability" and "streamlining" really mean certain death and bulldozing for our wetlands.

Take Action: Please attend the Economic Prosperity Committee meeting Monday June 29 and take advantage of the Public Comment period to express your outrage at this sham process. As you enter the room thru the center doors, there is a sign-in sheet where you can indicate your desire to make a public statement.

Kent Bailey
Co-Chair Growth Management Committee

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