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Call to Action! Tell County Commissioners to Adopt Summer Fertiziler Ban NOW


We have one last chance to convince Hillsborough County Commissioners that a strong summer fertilizer ban is the sensible and cost-effective way to save our waterways from harmful algael blooms.

The Hillsborough County Commission meets as the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) on Thursday, July 15th at 9:00 am to decide whether to adopt a strong summer fertilizer ban. Public comment will not be taken that morning; the commissioners will go right to their discussion and vote on the issue. National corporate fertilizer & landscape companies will be there in force fighting for their right to pollute our waterways by using nitrogen on lawns in the rainy season when most runs off to feed harmful algae blooms.

Your voice needs to be heard NOW to support passage of strong and sensible fertilizer and landscape management rules for all of Tampa Bay.
We are asking you to do the following:

1. Contact county commissioners before Thursday July 15 and tell them that Hillsborough needs to join Pinellas & the 45 other counties and cities along the Florida Gulf Coast who’ve adopted a sensible, cost-effective ban on rainy season nitrogen & phosphorus use. Please call these four County Commissioners who need to be convinced before the 15th ... Tell the commission staff that you want them to vote for a strong summer fertilizer and landscape management rule that’s consistent with the rule that is now in effect for Pinellas County.

Rose Ferlita: ( 813 ) 272-5470
Kevin White: ( 813 ) 272-5720
Kevin Beckner: ( 813 ) 272-5730
and Mark Sharpe: ( 813 ) 272-5735

2 Attend that morning, July 15th, to show support for a strong fertilizer rule. The EPC meets in the 2nd floor boardroom of the Hillsborough County Center, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., downtown Tampa.

For more information, contact Phil Compton
727-824-8813, ext. 303; 813-841-3601: cell

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