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Senate Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation currently taking public comment on the implementation of the Water and Land Conservation Amendment 1/13/2015
n November 2014, Florida voters approved an amendment to the state constitution which requires one third of documentary stamp revenue to be placed into the Land Acquisition Trust Fund and spent on a variety of environmental programs and initiatives.... [more]

Tampa Bay Group McKay Bay Cleanup on 1/24/2015
Help us get McKay Bay cleaned up on January 24th ... [more]

Florida Senate priority: Amendment 1 12/28/2014
Florida Senate President's priority short list is headed by Amendment 1, with hearings on how to spend the money coming in January. Those of us speaking with state legislators should remember this will be top of mind for all of them right now. This is the moment to press them to spend Amendment 1 money on land acquisition/preservation.... [more]

The January - February 2015 Tampa Bay Sierra Club Newsletter 12/23/2014
To see the newsletter in PDF format, click here... [more]

Citizens to Rally in Tally for Clean Water and Amendment One on 2/18/2015
Activists from Sierra Club will join concerned citizens from dozens of other organizations in Tallahassee on February 18 to remind legislators that Amendment One got far more votes than any of them and demand that action be taken to clean up Florida’s water. ... [more]

Editorial: Hernando should adopt impact fees for schools, roads
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