Photos and description, courtesy of Sue Bunge


The Silver River located in Ocala, FL is an amazing river and one of my favorite places to kayak.


The launch is located on State Route 40 a few miles east of Silver Springs-the attraction.


I paddled this river on New Year’s Day, the trees were void of leaves but were still very beautiful. There were some red and orange seed pods in a few of the trees that did lend color to the scenery. I have kayaked on this river in August before when the trees were lush with their leaves. All the greenery in the trees coupled with the crystal clear spring water and the green reeds which lie just below the water’s surface makes for gorgeous viewing.


As you can see from the photos there is an abundance of wildlife along this river. You’ll also notice the rhesus monkeys that I spotted in 2 different areas along the river. These monkeys are descendants of monkeys they brought into the park when they were filming a Tarzan movie in the 1920’s or ‘30’s.


An interesting sight that I found on the river, you will see in one photo what appears to be a deer-actually it is a tree which has rotted away-I had to take a double take.


The river doesn’t have a strong current and takes you into Silver Springs, the attraction. You can view the buildings they have by the springs and the glass bottom boats which the park is famous for and the huge deep blue springs.


The paddle when done at a leisurely speed with a few stops on the way to view wildlife and take pictures took me about 2 ½ hours to get to the springs themselves and took 1 ½ hours to return.