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About the slideshows, narration files, and your browser


Playing The Narration Sound Files The slides are narrated and you may notice a delay before the narration for each slide begins. That's because your computer will download the entire sound file before it begins to play it. If you are using a dial-up connection, you will probably want to turn the sound off using the "Sound is on" bar on the slideshow--you can turn the sound back on at any time.


The Flash Player  If you are seeing a little ball in a box to the left, and it is making an annoying tapping sound as it bounces around, you have a browser that will properly display the Polk Group slideshows. (Did you realize clicking on the "Stop!" will stop the action?) The slideshows are like that too--you click the little arrowheads to advance to the next slide, click the "sound is on" bar to turn it off, or click on the shortcuts to go directly to one portion of the slideshow.

Couldn't hear it, and/or see it?  If you see the ball, know your sound is turned on, and don't hear any sound--then your browser's Flash Plug In is probably not Version 6. You will probably see a window saying you should update your Flash Player. (The upgrade will change your browser--Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera--so that it "knows" what to do with Flash files that we used for the slideshows.)

You can follow the link provided in the window that may pop up from this page, or go to, select your operating system and download the Flash Player 6 for any browser you may have installed on your computer. You don't have to upgrade, but the slideshow may not display at all, or will display with unpredictable results, on any version of the Flash Player less than 6.

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