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Invasive Plants Destroy Native Habitats

During the year (1999-2000), nine Florida Agencies expended more than 90 million dollars to control invasive exotic plants in the state's publicly owned lands in a battle that has continued for ten years or more. Despite this effort and a great expenditure of public funds, the problem persists and may even be worsening, at least in the Central Florida Region, A recent "windshield" and back yard survey conducted by members of the Sierra Club, Polk Group; and the Winter Haven Wildlife Habitat Area Team found extensive infestation on both private property and public lands, especially along road rights of way and lake shores which are owned by the state. Many local parks and recreation areas as well as many state or local government equipment depots or isolated work and storage facilities were infested with Brazilian Pepper, Melaleuca and other invasive species.

Clearly, the efforts by various state and federal agencies to deal with the problem solely by attempting to eradicate these plants on only some selected publicly owned lands, have not been effective and, in retrospect, cannot be expected to work. The potential for reseeding from nearby untreated lands, both public and private, is simply too great. Only a concerted attack by all appropriate public agencies allied with private landowners can offer the potential for success.


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Invasive Plants Running Wild


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