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October 2002 Newsletter Articles

The Pelican - Fall Issue
Sierra Club Files Appeal Over Power Plant Siting Change

The Pelican - Fall Issue

pelican The Pelican is the official publication of the Florida Sierra Club. For many it's often a ‘newsletter' that's easy to put aside and ‘read later.' Don't do that this time! It will have three items, at least, of major importance.

  1. Sierra endorsements of candidates for state-wide offices - Nov. 5th election. After intense debate Florida Sierra will recommend the candidates it thinks will do the best job protecting Florida's environment.
  2. Ballot for Florida Sierra Executive Committee - good people on this committee are vitally importance for the effectiveness and credibility of Florida Sierra. Call Gail Bond at 326 9479 for help or information on this ballot.
  3. Annual conference reservation and program information - this is Florida Sierra's once-a-year extravaganza. The Executive Director of national Sierra, Carl Pope, will be the keynote speaker. Workshops will include topics such as Everglades protection., clean water, climate v. energy, gulf fisheries, Alaskan rainforests, and lobbying.

...Frances H. Coleman

Current and past issues of The Pelican are online on the Florida Chapter site.

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Sierra Club Files Appeal Over Power Plant Siting Change

The Florida Department of Community Affairs, on September 3rd, approved the Polk County Comprehensive Plan Amendment that allows power plants to site in any industrial or institutional land use category . This change allows the Polk County Commission to approve the siting of High Impact and Certified power plants virtually anywhere in the County without the limitations that originally existed in the Plan. The Polk Group has filed an appeal to this decision and we are now waiting for an administrative hearing to be scheduled. The basis of our challenge is the fact that Polk County provided no supporting data or analysis to demonstrate that a change was warranted as required by Florida Statute and the Department of Community Affairs rule. We believe that citizen health is at risk and the data reported from Polk County’s own air quality monitoring stations support our argument.
...John Ryan



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