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Volunteer to save YOUR environment today!

The Sierra Club is a national organization, but our effectiveness is largely in part to our volunteers at the grassroots level. This is especially true in your local Northeast Florida Group, where all of us are volunteers, spending what time we can to helping make our neighborhoods a better, safer, and more environmentally-friendly place to live.

If you are interested in our activities or issues -- and you must be, since you're visiting us online -- please look over the list below for our immediate volunteer needs. All you have to do is contact the lead volunteer on a particular project, and you will be on the road to involvement, enriching your life and improving our environment! If you have talents or are aware of something that isn't on this page, please contact our chair, Janet Stanko, and talk to her about how you'd like to get involved with the Club.

We like to save the environment AND have fun -- Please contact us today. Contact our Group Chair, Janet Stanko at 904-357-0703 to volunteer, or fill out the form below and email it to Janet Stanko.

Immediate volunteer needs are as follows:


For information or to volunteer

Call Janet Stanko 904 880 1813 JaneStan@bellsouth.net;

or Janet Larson 904 247 1876  JCLarson168@msn.com


Make a difference -- join Sierra Club today!


Work Activity

Contact Person


Member Engagement Team

Staffing membership table, Lakewood Meetings, or Ponte Vedra monthly meetings

Janet Larson and Larry Lickenbrock

Meet & greet people as they come in; assist with name tags, sign in; organize handouts.  Great for beginner!

Refreshments at Lakewood or Ponte Vedra monthly meetings

Janet Larson or Larry Lickenbrock

Tree hugging can make a person crave a snack, not to mention parching your thirst.  You will be the most popular person at our general meetings.  Bring or assign drinks and snacks.

Programs @  Lakewood meetings

Janet Larson

Learn about program organizing from a pro--Janet Larson.  Team with her to outreach to potential speakers; and coordinate with them to ensure they have the logistics they need.

Tabling at Events

Janet Larson coordinator

Have fun going to events you want to attend anyway.  Talk to like minded folks about Sierra activities.  You will be teamed with another Sierra person.  Only a couple of hours at a time. 

Tech support at Lakewood meetings

Janet Larson, Coordinator

Know how to run a projector from a laptop? If not, wanna learn? 

Newsletter, Website

Newsletter - Melissa Rosenblatt Website -Bill Armstrong

Have a knack for writing?  Write articles for our newsletter, website, and the media.  Help us get the good word out!


Michaela Miller

We need a constant flow of comments, articles, announcements. 

Social Events

 Karen Kempf

We don’t have enough fun!  Plan a potluck, picnic, or restaurant get together, or an idea of your own.  How about some singles events?


Political Committee

Political Endorsements and lobbying

Political Committee

One of our most important processes is helping select candidates for endorsement, communicating with them, and researching the issues.  Join our political committee where we have lots of leadership and coaching help to get you started

City Council Monitoring

City Council Monitoring Committee

Here's a ground floor opportunity.  City Council monitoring committee is now forming.

Lobbying:  Elected officials & Legislative

Gabe Hanson

Join with others to lobby with elected officials on proposed legislation. 

Nature Outings

Regular Outing Leaders

Brian Paradise

We will train you to lead Sierra Club outings.  It is soooo gratifying to share our special places with others.  Many folks won’t go unless you lead them.

Kayak, canoe and biking leaders

Brian Paradise 

Are you an avid kayak-er or canoist?  Lead an outing and meet others who share your special interest.  We will train you

Inner City Outing Leaders

Debra Westman

Share the outdoors with an underprivileged child.  Some Jax children have never been to the beach.  Broaden their horizons while gaining satisfaction from a unique experience!

Public Communications


Janet Stanko

Help us toot our horn!  Could be resume-able experience.  We would love to post videos on our website, enhance our use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media communications to get the word out about environmental activities we do.


 Janet Stanko

Share your talent for writing.


JEA Clean Power Advisory Group

Tom Larson, Allen Tilley

Ask about how you can help our JEA Clean Energy Advisory group

Protect Parks, Aquatic Preserves & Expand Wildlands

 Brian Paradise

Want to propose a project to help in this?  Your ideas are welcome. 

Expand Recycling, Minimize Waste, Reduce our Carbon Footprint

 Conservation Committee

Want to propose a project to help in this?  Your ideas are welcome.

Provide Transportation Alternatives to Cars (foster bikes/transit)

 Conservation Committee

Want to propose a project to help in this?  Your ideas are welcome.

Protect Jacksonville’s tree canopy

Conservation committee

Initial discussions are underway.

Don't see something that interests you on the list, but you'd like to volunteer? Fill out the form below, and we'll add you to our Potential Volunteer Database! Just copy the text below and paste it into an e-mail -- then send the e-mail to Group Chair Janet Stanko.



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