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Sierra Sentry Newsletters - 2013

January, 2013
Water Quality, Mayor's Environmental Awards, Marine Turtles, EXCOM Election, Outings, General Programs

February, 2013
Sierra Club National Elections, Sierra Club Florida Legislative Agenda, Outings, Programs

March, 2013
Forward on Climate Rally in D.C., Mobility Fee Moratorium, Inner City Outings, Outings, Programs

April, 2013
Fundraiser, Dutton Island, Mobility Fee, Action Alerts, Outings, Programs

May, 2013
Longline fishing dangers, GTM Research Reserve activities, Outings, Programs

June, 2013
Blue-Green Alliance, Pint Night, Inner City Outings, Outings, Programs

July, 2013
New newsletter team, Environmental Survey, Outings, Programs

August, 2013
Water Issues, Environmental Survey, Outings

September 2013
JaxPort Dredging Issue, Supreme Court Land Use Case, New Editor, Programs, Outings

October 2013
Survey Results, Florida's Water and Land Legact Petition, Port Expansion and Dredging, Programs, Outings

November 2013

Protected Land Sell Off, Right Whale, Billboard Ordinance, EXCOM Elections, Programs, Outings

December 2013

Sea Level Rise, Manatee Award to Candace Rue, programs, Outings

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