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Sierra Sentry Newsletters - 2011

January, 2011
Sierra Club Florida Awards, 40th Anniversary, Outings, General Programs

February, 2011
Longleaf Pine, Outings, Programs

March, 2011
Janet Stanko now EXCOM Chair, Jacksonville Political Endorsements, Georgia-Pacific Pipeline, Outings, Programs

April, 2011
Earth Day, Nine April Outings, Programs

May, 2011
New Goals for 2011-12, Tom Larson Wins Mayor's Award, Endangered Species Day, Outings, Programs

June, 2011
Legislative Session Wrap-Up, St. Johns Riverkeeper Announces Resignation, Outings, Programs

July, 2011
Georgia-Pacific Pipeline Controversy, Outings, Programs

August/September 2011
Shelly Fine Wins Otter Award, Ecosystems Services, Alaska Trip, Outings. Programs

October 2011
Guana Property Preserved, Red Squirrel Count, Outings, Programs

November 2011
Durbin Creek Restoration, Price of Sprawl, Mobility Fee, Outings, Programs

December 2011
Mobility Fee, Zoo and Endangered Species, EXCOM Ballot, Inner City Outings, Outings, Programs

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