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Sierra Sentry newsletters - 2009

January, 2009
Mayport Cruise Terminal, Jan 19 Day of Service, MET, Outings,  General Programs

February, 2009
St. Johns River Water Withdrawal, New Meetup Web Site, Mayport Cruise Terminal, Outings, General Programs

March, 2009
Cruise ship emissions, ICO news, Fund appeal, Meetup Web Site, Outings, General Programs

April, 2009
Guana Funding, Earth Day, Outings, General Programs

May, 2009
Stanko Award, St, Johns River Water Withdrawal, Outings, General Programs

June, 2009
Reforming Florida Politics, Waste Minimization, Outings, General Programs

July, 2009
Georgia Pacific toxic waste, Hometown Democracy, Outings, General Programs

August, 2009
SB 360, Conservation Issues, Electronic Delivery Options, Outings, General Programs

September, 2009
Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment 4, Camporee, Outings, General Programs

October, 2009
John Muir, Camporee, Lobbyist Seminar, FHD Meeting, Outings, Programs

November, 2009
Recycling Municipal Solid Waste, FHD, EXCOM Elections, Outings, Programs

December, 2009
Offshore Drilling, EXCOM Ballot, Outings, Programs

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