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Sierra Sentry newsletters - 2006

November 2006
ELECTION ISSUE! Read about our candidate and amendment endorsements. Also, Outings, Inner City Outings, and the Florida Chapter Conservation Conference preliminary schedule and information.

October 2006
Coastal Clean-up a Success; Roadless Rule Reinstated; Manuel wins election in St. Johns County; Outings; Inner City Outings

September 2006
Election 2006 Endorsements; Outings; St. Johns County bottling plant update; John Muir & Christianity; Gaylord Nelson: Founder of Earth Day, part 3; State Conservation Conference in November

August 2006
Hometown Democracy Amendment; St. Johns County bottling plant update; Fall Elections; Outings; Inner City Outings

July 2006
Le-Natures Bottling Plant planned for St. Johns County; A Fabulous Day enjoying Northeast Florida's public lands; Reading John Muir; Outings; Inner City Outings; Awards Presented at Jacksonville Mayor's Environmental Luncheon; Hometown Democracy Amendment Approved for 2008 Ballot.

June 2006
The True Cost of Food; Sea Turtle guidelines in St. Johns County; Outings; Inner City Outings; National Cool Cities Campaign; Senator Nelson says NO to offshore drilling (guest column); a warning against cypress mulch.

May 2006
Sea turtle trivia; home pesticide safety; Sierra Student Coalition; Inner City Outings; Meet Cassandra Cogar, volunteer coordinator; Guana high school issue update

April 2006
Earth Day activities and events; What Makes a Walkable Community; Outings; Inner City Outings; Sierra Club says NO to a high school in Guana.

March 2006
Atlantic Coast Ecoregion Task Force visit; Outings; Washington Oaks State Park; Toy & Clothing Exchange to benefit St. Augustine Earth Day; St. Johns County employee wins Osprey Award; Fuel Choices Act; Inner City Outings; Preservation Project Speakers Available; New Nature Conservancy Acquisition Celebrated

February 2006
The hidden life of bottled water; outings; A Suwannee Outing to remember; energy-saving tips; Sierra Club's anti-violence stance; Sierra Club Chronicles TV program debuts

December 2005 - January 2006
Linda Bremer wins Champion of the Environment Award; local student does project on John Muir; Outings; Inner City Outings enjoys camping trips.

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