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Sierra Sentry newsletters - 2005

Click to view a PDF of the Sierra Sentry, the Northeast Florida Group's own monthly newsletter.
If you have an item to submit to the newsletter, please e-mail it to Alice Platt, Newsletter Editor.

December 2005 - January 2006
Linda Bremer wins Champion of the Environment Award; local student does project on John Muir; Outings; Inner City Outings enjoys camping trips.

November 2005
Inner City Outings Update; Freedom Commerce Center Update; Remembering The Beach Lady; Outings; Thanksgiving Recipes

October 2005
After the Hurricanes: What Now?; Retiring Your Tires; Inner City Outings trip review; What Tom Larson, Chair, does when he isn't being our Chair; Barak Obama's Energy Plan

September 2005
Rally for our wetlands; keep Talbot Preserved; Outings; Inner City Outings trip review; Gaylord Nelson, Part II; 10 Minutes saves ANWR

August 2005
Sierra Summit local session; State Approves New Hometown Democracy Petition; Outings; Inner City Outings needs you; Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day Founder; Make Your Own Organic Plant Fertilizer

July 2005
Sierra Members Honored at Jacksonville Mayor's Environmental Luncheon; Florida State Parks Celebration; JEA Honored for Clean Power Initiatives; Bicycle Commuting

June 2005
Freedom Commerce Permit Denied; Shopping Farmer's Markets

May 2005
Inner City Outings; Outings; Hometown Democracy Update; Programs

April 2005
Celebrating Earth Day; Build a Bat House; Learning About Sustainable Development

March 2005
Stop Cruise Ships from Docking in the Timucuan Preserve; Meet our New St. Johns County Program Coordinator

February 2005
Enjoy Oklawaha River Events; Eat Grass-Fed Beef

January 2005
Restoring salt marshes; Freedom Commerce Center developement update; Sierra Club members take part in the Hybrid Revolution

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