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Local, state and U.S. federal political issues and legislative initiatives gain a lot of attention from Sierra Club members.  Candidate and legislative campaigns may earn Sierra Club endorsement.  Some of our members are active in politics in their own right. The Northeast Group of the Sierra Club is the only environmental organization in Northeast Florida who can endorse candidates for office and lobby our government. Endorsements for local races are discussed at meetings and in our Sierra Sentry newsletter.

A formal process assures that Sierra Club involvement with politics is with decorum and is firmly anchored to our goals.  Our Political/Legislative committee interviews candidates, leads campaigns and supports education of voters. The Sierra Club is committed to government and politics in the sunshine.  Clean elections and political campaign funding reform are efforts we endorse to assure full voice to each voter.


United States Congress -- contact who represents you.
Find out who your representative and senator is and how you may contact them.

St. Johns County and St. Augustine Commissions
Learn about who represents you in St. Johns County and in the City of St. Augustine.

Jacksonville City Council
Find out who represents you in Jacksonville.

Florida Water and Land Legacy Conservation Amendment
The amendment will dedicate more than $10 billion over 20 years for the protection and restoration of environmentally sensitive lands and water resources.

Florida State Legislature
Florida House and Florida Senate -- find out who represents you.

Clay County Commission
Get to know your county commissioner in Clay.

2013 Florida Legislative Session
2013 Florida Legislative Session Summary

2012 Florida Legislative Session
2012 Florida Legislative Session Summary

2011 Florida Legislative Session
Florida Environmental Issues in Tallahassee

2010 Legislative Session
2010 Florida Environmental Issues in Tallahassee

2009 Legislative Session
What happened?


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