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Our Priority Issues

The Northeast Florida Group of the Sierra Club comprises three counties: Duval, Clay and St. Johns. Listed below are environmental issues that affect our members. If you are interested in working on any of these issues, please contact Tom Larson.

Issues that need citizen action right away are on our Action Alerts page.

Promote Smart Energy Use and Stop Global Warming

We're leading the way in a visionary agreement for Clean Power generated in our area. Clean Power means a focus on conservation of resources to produce power, resulting in clean air for our cities.
Learn more about our Cool Cities Initiative, which asks local governments and individuals to find innovative ways to limit global warming right now, right here in our town. 
You can start keeping your city cool today by making your home a Cool Home, and calculating your Carbon Footprint.

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Preserving Public Lands

Northeast Florida's public lands include thousand acre state parks, a national park of marshes and water bodies, aquatic preserves, historic sites, and forest wildlife corridors. Pocket parks in the city or coastal waters to protect the right whale calves, all are equally important to maintain healthy human populations, provide clean air and water and protect Florida's fish and wildlife. They are paid for by a variety of state, federal and local funding sources.  The common thread sewn through them all is that Northeast Florida's citizens paid for them and want them to remain protected.

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Make Yours A Healthy Community

from americawalks.orgDesigning a community for safety and healthy living is not easy. Sierra Club works for safe drinking water, clean air to breathe, and healthy food to eat.

Learn about the Sierra Club's True Cost of Food campaign, and get information on how to create and sustain a community garden. Together, we create a healthy lifestyle for you and our families.   Photo courtesy of americawalks.org.

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