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Welcome to the Sierra Club!

The Sierra Club is a national organization dedicated to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet. Our local Northeast Florida Group organizes and participates in outdoor adventures, environmental education, and lobbies our local and state government for pro-environmental policy and legislation.

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Weekly Action Alerts

This is our weekly Action Alert digest. Here you'll receive all of the information you need to become active, contact our legislators, and make a difference for the environment. Updated April 30.

Vote YES on Amendment 1! Florida's Land and Water Legacy Campaign

Passing this amendment would set aside funding  for the protection and conservation of our parks, beaches and undeveloped land around Florida.  In 2015, this would provide more than 600 million dollars to environmental causes across the state. 
"The power to protect Florida's land and water for future generations is in your hands." 

Your Help is Needed!
Volunteers are needed on Friday, August 8th to hand out fliers and talk to people about Amendment 1 from 11 am to  1 pm.
Contact Jessica at JKFessenden@gmail.com for more information.

We are only a few months away from the big election! We are still looking for people to help out with our campaign, including:
•People to help us table at upcoming events

We are looking forward to a bustling August and September, and really need some additional support!
If you can spare ONE day during campaign season to help raise awareness about the importance of passing Amendment 1 this November, please contact Jessica Fessenden at JKFessenden@gmail.com and put "Legacy" in the subject line.
We are looking for all sorts of support! If you have any questions or are interested in helping in some way, please let us know.

We are looking for all sorts of support! If you have any questions or are interested in helping in some way, please let us know.

Rally For Energy Savings!

Sierra Club Beyond Coal is holding a campaign event in Tallahassee on Monday, July 21st at 11am. Please let us know if you are interested in carpooling to this event! We hope to have a huge group of climate activists there!

Here is a message from Beyond Coal:
This July, the Florida Public Service Commission will hear proposals to raise energy savings goals for Florida's big power companies, giving us the opportunity to bring local, affordable solar power and energy efficiency investments to Florida over the next ten years. Setting high goals for energy efficiency will create jobs, lower bills, and protect the climate. But the power companies don't want to make changes, even if it means higher bills and more air pollution for Florida consumers.

Join us on Monday July, 21 at 11AM, as we rally in Tallahassee and show our support for strong energy savings goals at the official public hearing! We will rally for clean energy, hear from inspiring speakers and take action to show the PSC that Floridians want the big power companies to save more energy, invest in solar and lower our bills.

To find out more, contact Julia Hathaway, 202-315-8211, julia.hathaway@sierraclub.org.

Floridians' Clean Water Declaration

Florida is running out of clean drinking water.  It’s OUR water and we only have your voice against the big bucks of private interests. There is proposed legislation that is bad that we want to stop and good bills that we want to pass.

CLICK HERE to take action!

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Bad For All

The The US is currently involved in secret negotiations for an expansive new with our Pacific partners. Details are being withheld from the public and Congress, yet we are asked to accept it and approve it. It is a BAD DEAL for the environment and for our economy.

CLICK HERE to take action!

Central Florida Proposes Huge Water Withdrawals from the St. Johns

The three water management districts in the central area are proposing taking 150 million gallons per day out of the St.  Johns River. Read about what this means, the potential harm, and what you can do.

JaxPort Dredging

The President has approved funding to dredge the St Johns River from its current depth of 39.5’ to 47’ to accommodate the post Panamax container ships. See the issues and Sierra Club's stance.


See the hidden costs of infrastructure and services resulting from over-development in Florida. Check out http://priceofsprawl.com/index.html

Help protect and conserve Florida's land, fish, wildlife, and water resources - needed now more than anytime in Florida's history. Check out the Florida Conservation Coalition.

Find out how to contact your elected officials at USA.gov.

  Energy and Climate Change News:  Prof Tilley's Track


Upcoming Activities

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All are welcome to attend our monthly General Meetings!


In Jacksonville, we meet at the Lakewood Presbyterian Church, 2001 University Blvd. W., just east of San Jose Blvd., west of I-95 & US-1.  Click here for a map and directions of how to get there.

Second Monday of each month, 7pm (6:30 for social time).  Please check our calendar to confirm meeting dates.


In Ponte Vedra Beach, we meet at the St. Johns County PVB Branch Library, 101 Library Blvd., just off A1A south of Solana Rd.  Click here for a map and directions of how to get there!

First Monday of each month, 6:00pm. Please check our calendar to confirm meeting dates, as occasionally other library priorities and holidays may change the schedule.

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