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Environmental Education

One way to enhance how we enjoy, explore and protect our Earth is to learn more about it. The Northeast Florida Group is proud to offer informative articles that teach us more about our natural world.

Your Outdoor Environment

North American Right Whale

The North American Right Whale is one of many endangered species in our midst.

Wetlands and Water Quality: A Brief Primer

A look into how and why wetlands are important.

The North American River Otter

by Miranda Spencer Welcome to the wonderful world of the river otter. While there are eight species of river otters that exist worldwide today, this article refers to the North American River Otter, Lutra canadensis.

Our Friend, the Manatee

by Miranda Spencer Facts about Florida's most beloved sea mammal, the manatee.

The Environment at Home

How can we make our city a cool city?

Cities all over the country are helping to solve the world's global warming problem.

Make Your Own Rain Barrel

by Lisa Goodrich The "Water, Water Everywhere" article is in the September 2009 issue of the Sierra Sentry; here are the directions for making a rain water collection system.

Energy Conservation in the Home

by Janet Stanko Our own Janet Stanko writes a regular column in the Florida Times-Union about how you can conserve energy in your home.

The hidden truth of bottled water

by Karen Kempf How bottled water has grown in popularity, and why you should not buy it.

Flat screen TVs suck a lot more energy

by Alice Platt Everywhere we look, it is obvious that the new flat-screen TVs are the new in thing to own. Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind before you buy.

Be environmentally responsible in your daily life

by Cate Dobbins Local articles featuring the many small ways we can live more harmoniously with the environment.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving Recipes from the Sustainable Consumption Committee

Kick the Pesticide Habit!

by Lisa Muehlstein Households spray thousands of times the amount of pesticides per acre of property than commercial farmers spray on crops.

Sierra Club Members Dick and Mary Cardell Take Part in the Hybrid Revolution

by Miranda Spencer Learn about Dick and Mary Cardell's hybrid car and how it works.

Try Grass-Fed Beef; It's Better for You and the Environment

While the term “corn-fed” traditionally connotes a certain wholesomeness, the ramifications of the practice are, in fact, somewhat darker.

Recommended Reading from the Northeast Florida Group

Florida ecology

Books about Florida's ecology. These books are widely available from your local library and bookstores.

Reasons for Caring

by Warren Anderson & Jimmy Orth Warren Anderson and Jimmy Orth present their reasons for why everyone should care about the environment.

Florida's waters

Books about the everglades, the St. Johns River, and other Florida waters. These books are widely available from your local library and bookstores.

Florida history, past and present

Books about Florida's early and more recent history. These books are widely available from your local library and bookstores.

Promote Smart Energy Use and Stop Global Warming

Is Your Family Doing All It Can To Reduce The Amount Of Trash It Creates?

by Cate Dobbins Have you ever really thought about how much unnecessary and avoidable refuse you may be generating? Here are a few of our favorite easily implemented ideas.

News from Our Members

Trip to Alaska

by Amanda Hodges Sierrans Amanda and Ralph Hodges recently returned from a 20-day trip to Alaska. Amanda reports that they have visited 31 out of 58 National Parks.

Environmental History

Rest in Peace: Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day

by Warren Anderson A biography of Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day Founder


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