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General Meeting, Ponte Vedra: Protecting Indonesia's Rainforests


Nov 1, 2010
Monday 6:30 p.m.


Do you love rainforests?  Movies?  Then get ready for an unforgettable double feature.  The Rainforest Action Network has distributed two 30-minute films that tell the story of Indonesia's rainforests like no others. These films encourage people to change their buying habits and to call on corporations to do the same, in order to ensure the survival of endangered wildlife and traditional communities in Indonesia.
Green is a highly-acclaimed documentary that tells the emotional story of a female orangutan in Indonesia. You will understand the story of deforestation through her eyes and how the everyday products we buy here at home are affecting the habitats of beautiful endangered creatures like her.

Orang Rimba tells the story of a group of indigenous people whose lives are also affected by deforestation, deep in the heart of Sumatra.  Living on the frontlines of corporate greed, the Orang Rimba people are impacted directly by corrupt corporations feeding the Western appetite for palm oil (an ingredient in a majority of our processed foods) and paper (for everything from children's books to toilet paper.)

Everyone is welcome.  Snacks will be provided, but bring your own drink.

Contact Information:

Northeast Florida Group
Larry Lickenbrock (904) 537-6047


.... held in the PGA room of the Ponte Vedra Beach Public Library on Library Road at AIA

(blinking light south of the intersection of AIA and Solana Road, on A1A about two miles south of Butler Boulevard)


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