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General Program, in Neptune Beach! ~ Shorebirds


May 3, 2010
Monday 7:00 p.m.


A Bird's Eye View- Shorebirds and Critical Wildlife areas in our region.

Northeast Florida's beaches are home to some of this hemisphere's most remarkable wildlife. Long-distance shorebird migrants like red knots, fly between the Arctic tundra and Tierra del Fuego and back again each year. Breeding terns and skimmers  lay their eggs and raise their young in raucous colonies on the bare sand in full sun; oystercatchers and other solitary nesters hatch their eggs on shell rakes and inlet shores, teaching their fluffy chicks to ply their trade mere hours after hatching. 
Join  Julie Wraithmell and Monique Borboen to learn the amazing stories of these remarkable birds, why our region is vital to their survival in Florida, and how you can get involved, to help ensure that life is-- and always will be-- a beach for shorebirds and seabirds in Northeast Florida. Ms. Wraithmell obtained her MS from FSU and has worked for the Fish and Wildlife Commission, creating the Great Florida Birding Trail. She currently serves on the Technical Committee of the Bird Conservation Initiative. Ms Borboen's  focus is conservation of coastal birds and their habitats. She has been engaged in the protection of shore-dependent birds for 10 years.


Royal Tern chick

at Huguenot Park - Summer 2009 - photographer Linda Martino

Contact Information:

Northeast Florida Group
Janet Larson (904) 247-1876


NOT the usual meeting place!

Fletcher HS Auditorium, 700 Seagate Ave, Neptune Beach FL 

The auditorium is on the east side of the school.


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