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General Program, Jacksonville: LEED house in NE Florida


Mar 8, 2010
Monday 7:00pm


We host Michaela Miller and Steve Sadler who are building the 1st Platinum LEED certified home in NE Florida.

On August 22, 2008, Tropical Storm Fay destroyed the couple’s dream home and virtually all the contents.  After FEMA and insurance settled in Jan 2009 the couple began demolishing the home to rebuild Totally Green.  The structure is 34 tons of recycled steel and is on stilts to avoid any potential of flooding.  Only 3 dumpsters of construction debris have gone to the landfill in one year.

The couple recycled:
  1.38 tons of Glass
  1920 lbs of combined metal
  1600 lbs of Aluminum
  286 lbs of Insulated wire
  132 lbs of Copper
All the roof shingles, drywall, and damaged timber were mulched into the ground for landscaping. 

The project won the 2009 Innovation Award from the USGBC North Florida for Water Conservation and Landscape Design and was a nominee in the Sustainable Florida Best Practice Awards.

The HERS rating is the lowest recorded by SkyeTec in more than 1,000 homes recorded.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of February or early March.

Remember to bring your own cup for refreshments so WE don't add our own waste in the landfill.

Contact Information:

Northeast Florida Group
Janet Larson (904) 247-1876


Meeting as usual, at the Lakewood Presbyterian Church  ~  2001 University Blvd. W.

....  just east of San Jose Blvd., west of I-95 & US-1


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