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General Program, Jacksonville: Beekeeper


May 11, 2009
Monday 7:00 - 9:00


Sam Van Leer, beekeeper in Ponte Vedra, will educate us on the state of bees and beekeeping in northeastern Florida 

Bees are an essential part of our life, being the primary pollinators for crops that we eat each day. According to the University of Florida, for the last 40 years, honey bee forage has been on the decline in the US, due to changes in agricultural practices and urban development. Bees specifically need nectar-producing plants in order to produce honey and maintain healthy colonies. As wetlands are drained, some of these native nectar producers are lost.

This problem along with diseases of bees including the little understood Colony Collapse Disorder present a constant challenge to healthy bee populations. Pesticides and insecticides that many of us use are a further detriment to the bee.

Come hear Sam tell a fascinating story and show us his tools. (Bees not included). Remember the buzz to bring your own cup to the hive for refreshments.

Contact Information:

Northeast Florida Group
Janet Larson


Meeting as usual, at the Lakewood Presbyterian Church  ~  2001 University Blvd. W.

 just east of San Jose Blvd., west of I-95 & US-1. 


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