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Hiking the Willie Browne Trail in the Roosevelt Preserve


Nov 16, 2008
9 a.m. - lunchtime


Explore the Theodore Roosevelt area of the Timucuan Preserve on hiking trails through and around hardwood forests, marshes, bluffs, and shell mounds. Learn about the unique individual who gave us this place of history and views. Meet at 9:00 in the parking lot. Plan to walk 2-3 hours. Please bring water and insect repellent. Children over 8 would probably enjoy the hike. No admission fee.

If you bring a lunch, we can go next door to the Fort Caroline National Memorial, which is tidier and has better picnic space. There is no need to reserve space on the outing.

Contact Information:

Northeast Florida Group
Paige Slade
(904) 223-8418


The trail entrance is at 13165 Mount Pleasant Rd., 1 mile southeast of Fort Caroline National Memorial, in Jacksonville.

Coming from the west of Fort Caroline National Memorial on Mount Pleasant Rd., you pass the entrance, then go about 2 miles more on Mount.Pleasant Rd, and turn left into brown sign on a cyclone fence on the left that says Trailhead Parking. There is no road sign or pointer.

Coming from the east of the Memorial, you pass signs for Spanish Pond development and it is 1/4-1/2 mile on the right.  The brown signs are flat on the cyclone fence and not easy to see. There is good parking and bathrooms at the trailhead.


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