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General Meeting- Appalachian Voices to End Mountain Top Removal


May 12, 2008
Lakewood Presbyterian Church, 2001 University Blvd 7:00 PM 6:30 Social time


Alot of us in Florida love to go to the mountains to escape the heat and enjoy the cool lush green mountain air or go skiing in the winter season. But what if the mountains that you love to visit were leveled on your next visit because of the coal that is beneath them?

That is what is happeining today in the Appalachian mountains. 1000 feet of mountain top is blasted into rubble as a cheap way to get coal. The debris runs into nearby valleys and streams, polluting them for the residents of the region and completely destroying habitat.

More than 1 million acres of forested mountains have been turned into barren moonscapes across West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky.

Come hear the folks from Appalachian Voices tell us about the Appalachian Treasures Project that will educate and move us to respond to this destruction. 

Contact Information:

Northeast Florida Group
Janet Larson 247-1876

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