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Jacksonville General Meeting-Going on a Carbon Diet


Apr 14, 2008
7:00 PM
Come early for social time, 6:30-7:00


To celebrate Earth Day we are going to go on a diet -- A carbon diet, that is! Our general meeting will be a workshop of sorts to calculate your very own carbon footprint.

To start we will need to calculate our household's carbon footprint. We will also hear about tools to reduce our own footprint and take the pledge to do something where we can make a difference.

If you want to calculate your footprint at the meeting you will need:

1. How many gallons of garbage you put out each week
2. Average Kwh usage per year
3. Therms of natural gas per year
4. Gallons of propane each year
5. Gallons of propane each year
6. Gallons of fuel oil each year
7. Average miles on primary car you drive per  year
8. Same for second car
9. Same for third car if you have one
10. Average gas mileage for primary car
11. Same for second car
12. Same for third car
13. Average number of miles that your househod travels by air per year

Good luck with your homework!

And if you plan to partake of refreshments, remember to bring your own cup to reduce the Club's carbon footprint!

Contact Information:

Northeast Florida Group
Janet Larson, 247-1876


We meet at the Lakewood Presbyterian Church, 2100 University Blvd. W., just east of San Jose Blvd., west of I-95 & US-1.

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