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Northeast Florida Action Alerts

Do you give a hoot about what is going on in your backyard? Then give a holler!
Respond now to these current Action Alerts.

Weekly Action Alerts
This is our weekly Action Alert digest. Here you'll receive all of the information you need to become active, contact our legislators, and make a difference for the environment.

Floridians’ Clean Water Declaration
Florida is running out of clean drinking water. It’s OUR water and we only have your voice against the big bucks of private interests. There is proposed legislation that is bad that we want to stop and good bills that we want to pass.

Take Action Now Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership!
The United States is currently involved in secret negotiations for an expansive new trade agreement that could indefinitely halt environmental progress in the United States and internationally. This agreement puts our environment at risk, making it likely that we will see an increase in risky and potentially hazardous energy sources, including fracking and oil drilling.

Decision to Allow New Billboards in Jacksonville to be Voted on Soon
The Jacksonville City Council is currently debating an ordinance that would re-introduce Billboards to Jacksonville roadways. This comes after more than 25 years of efforts to reduce billboard presence following a 1987 voter referendum to eliminate billboards from Jacksonville. Billboards pose environmental and safety threats to Jacksonville residents, increasing driver distraction rates while detracting from the scenic beauty of the First Coast.


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