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Decision to Allow New Billboards in Jacksonville to be Voted on Soon

Now is the time to take action to prevent this ordinance from passing.  The passing of this ordinance would set a huge precedent, as it would entirely nullify the will of Jacksonville voters.

You can take action now by contacting City Council and making your thoughts against this ordinance known.

Take Action:

Contact City Council and demand they stop this special interest legislation! You can do this here. Contact all 19 members, but please at least contact your district Council member and the five at-large members.

More Information:

The trouble with Ordinance 2013-493:
• Nullifies will of Jacksonville voters from 1987 without bringing the issue to ballot
• Allows for the erection of digital billboards, which come at a high energy cost and increase driver distraction
• Causes trees to be cut down to create space for the erection of new billboards
• Will re-construct billboards on roads where they have been systematically removed over the course of the past 25 years
• Increases cost associated with road widening efforts and construction
• Eliminates annual permits and fees for billboards, which directly cuts into city revenue and places an added burden on taxpayers

This ordinance is not in the best interest of the Jacksonville community. There was no public outcry for additional billboards; this is instead an opportunity for corporations to turn a profit at the expense of the Jacksonville people.

Proponents have cited safety concerns—namely amber alerts that electronic billboards are useful in resolving. The Florida Department of Transportation has recently erected electronic signage for this purpose, which proves that this ordinance is being pushed forward with corporate profits in mind, and will be passed at the expense of the people and the environment.



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