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The SC lobbying advisory team is hard at work
when the Florida Legislature is in session.

Sierra Club Florida 2014 Legislative Platform

The Florida Legislative Session begins in March and Sierra Club Florida is gearing up now to protect the environment. Our 2014 Legislative Platform was drafted by the members of the Lobbying Advisory Committee and the Sierra Florida lobbyist, with input from the Group Chairs and staff. It is divided into eight issue areas that arise in the Legislature almost every year. Each area is further broken down into specific subjects and indicates whether we support or oppose a legislative approach.

Download the SC Florida 2014 Legislative Platform

As the session gets started we can expect to see bills in these areas. We will be sending out information (see Florida Report below) on the most important ones so you’ll be aware of what’s happening and what you can do to advance good policies and stave off bad ones.

Bills can be seen at and
Both sites now have a tracker function that you can sign up for free of charge. That way you can stay up on everything that happens on the bills you choose to follow.

The Florida Report:
Our team sends out alerts during the session, to let our members know how to help us in the process. Sierra members can sign up to receive those alerts by going to Sierra Club Listserv (have your membership number avaialable when you do). The name of the list you want is fl-florida-report. You can also join by sending a request to FL-FLORIDA-REPORT-Reguest@LISTS.SIERRACLUB.ORG. Be sure and include your membership number, and the name of the list in your email request.

The 2014 Florida Chapter Lobbying Advisory Team is made up of Dwight Adams, Gabe Hanson, Cecilia Height, Tom Larson, Drew Martin, Marian Ryan, and Brad Stark. Our Lobbyist is Dave Cullen.

Be sure to go to Sierra Club Florida’s news blog at and subscribe by entering your e-mail address.
Our Legislative team will post the news there and on our facebook page.

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