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Charlotte Harbor Group
Charlotte Harbor Group
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Greetings from the GCH Chair, Andrea Story.

Our Fall/WInter Calendar is out and full of outings and meetings available to you.
Our leaders are working hard and we hope you will enjoy the events. (See our newsletter page for a pdf version).

Our 2012 election for the new Executive Committee has taken place. Your new ExCom members are listed below.

Don't forget that this is an all volunteer organization. If there is something that you think we should be doing, come volunteer to help us get it done. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns or to volunteer. (a.m.story27@gmail.com)

Enjoy the beauty of the season, wherever you are.

Ruth Bromberg - Ruth is one of the founding members of our Greater Charlotte Harbor Group. A tireless environmental advocate, Ruth is our Group's Political Chair as well as Vice Chair. She also dedicates her time to our public library system.

Marilyn Goodwin - Marilyn is a retired professional from Georgia with a love of the outdoors and an eye for detail which has made her an excellent secretary for GCHG. She and her husband are also Outings leaders for the Club and enjoy sailing.

Deb Highsmith - A retired geologist, Deb is currently active in the CH National Estuary Program and Sierra Club. In addition to her enthusiasm, Deb brings to our Conservation Committee great knowledge about regulations and the processes involved in protecting our environment. She continues to work very hard on growth management and other issues which affect us all.

Percy Angelo - Percy is a retired environmental attorney who has given countless volunteer hours to her community in the way of work on growth management issues and ordinances, phosphate mining and more. She currently serves on the statewide Sierra Club Phosphate Committee and serves with several other local community organizations.

. Allain Hale - Allain is an accomplished artist and dedicated environmentalist who has organized wonderful Outings in and around Charlotte County. In the past, he has created all the artwork and signage for our parade floats. He has recruited new Outings Leaders and has a great new year planned.
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