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People's Climate March in NYC, Sept. 21st
The National Sierra Club is one of the partnering organizations for the People's Climate March in NYC on Sept. 21 and the Florida Sierra Club is sponsoring participation in the event. You're invited to enter your comments regarding climate change on the People's Climate March & Mobilisation blog site here. The march is part of a much broader spectrum of events beginning with the NYC Climate Convergence on Sept. 19th and culminating in the Climate Summit 2014 event on Sept. 23rd. There is an informative article on the Huffington Post website entitled: Can the People's Climate March on September 21 Ignite a Political Revolution?

We are trying out a new volunteer registration APP! Sierra Club Florida and SC California are testing a new way for volunteers to find out what they can do to help the Club. Read more at Volunteer Test.

SCF Victory for Panther Habitat as Oil Driller Leaves Florida!

The fight began in April 2013 when the Dan Hughes Oil Company mailed a letter informing residents of a Naples suburb they were living in a "hydrogen sulfide evacuation zone" for an exploratory well. The well, which would be 1,000 feet from residences and less than one mile from the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, sparked public protests, meetings with elected officials, and hearings to assess the environmental impacts from the company's oil wells in the western Everglades. The county was so concerned about the impacts it challenged a consent order between the drilling company and the state.

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014, Dan Hughes Oil Company announced it was stopping work on another well in the area minutes before the Florida DEP announced it would file suit. This is a great victory for all the dedicated activists and citizens of southwest Florida. While we have won this battle, the war on oil drilling is far from over. Two other companies, Tocala and Burnett, are proposing to do seismic testing (a precursor to exploratory drilling) on over 200,000 acres in the Big Cypress area.

Fort DeSoto Sunset

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Sierra Club Green Home is a tool for sourcing environmentally friendly, green-checked businesses, and picking up green tips and techniques.

Move America Beyond Oil It's Time to Move America Beyond Oil Imagine a world with clean, abundant, affordable energy. One where climate disruption is fading. One where innovative green industries provide good jobs and supply 100 percent of our energy needs. Get the facts and see how you can help. Go to Move Beyond Oil

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