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Free EarthMonth-film festival in Ft. Myers. See Bag It, City Dark and more courtesy of the Sierra Club Calusa Group and the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium. Details on our Local News page.

New - Sierra Club Florida Legislative Platform is out. Look at our Legislative Update page for the new information.

Congratulations! The Florida Land and Water Legacy Constitutional Amendment has been approved by the Secretary of State of Florida and will be # 1 on the 2014 ballot.

It is time to Pay UP! We sent out an appeal to our Florida members, but you can also give online. Go to our PayPal account and give to support our environmental efforts in Florida. Go to our Give to Sierra page to read more about it and CLICK to GIVE.

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Polluters Win - People and Wildlife Lose.
Judge’s Decision Leaves Florida’s Public Waters Unprotected.

The recent decision by a U.S. District Judge allows the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to avoid applying Clean Water Act protections for two-thirds of all Florida waters, including streams and canals. The decision permits EPA to simply change its mind and not protect most streams and canals. "Florida’s clean water regulations just aren’t working, and we need EPA to step in and do the job," said Earthjustice attorney David Guest. "We have so much sewage, fertilizer, and manure contamination that we have toxic slime outbreaks happening all over the state. Hundreds of dead manatees, dolphins, fish and birds have been washing up on shores in South Florida. The Clean Water Act is supposed to prevent things like this." "We are considering an appeal of this decision," Guest added. Read more of this press release at Local News section.

Looking for information on a Florida environmental issue?
Sierra Club Florida is involved in campaigns for Smart Energy, Safe and Healthy Communities, and Protection and Restoration of the Everglades.
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Sierra Club Florida is an all volunteer organization. If you want to help out at a local level, please see your local Group Chair. Go to Sierra Florida Groups to find your local Sierra Club. To volunteer at the chapter (state) level, please email or find the leader for a particular issue on the issue page. For example, to get involved working on a Bottle Bill, go to our Bottle Bill Page where you will find the contact information for Linda Demler.

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Sierra Club Green Home is a tool for sourcing environmentally friendly, green-checked businesses, and picking up green tips and techniques.

Move America Beyond Oil It's Time to Move America Beyond Oil Imagine a world with clean, abundant, affordable energy. One where climate disruption is fading. One where innovative green industries provide good jobs and supply 100 percent of our energy needs. Get the facts and see how you can help. Go to Move Beyond Oil

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Take Action

We Want Clean Water. On January 22 concerned Floridians from more than 100 different organizations in 16 communities gathered to make a stand for clean water in Florida. Read about it on our blog.

Protect the Apalachicola River. Read more here, and sign the petition.

Stop using Plastic Bags! Plastic doesn't go away. You know that. Its time to stop using. See our Waste Minimization page and join us today.

In The Press

3/3/14 - Florida Halts Sale of Conservation Lands Falling short of a $50 million goal set by lawmakers, state environmental officials have changed focus and won't sell pieces of conservation land to help raise money for the Florida Forever program. See story on the WUSF News website.

1/28/14 - House Bill 703 prohibits local government from having environmental rules or policies that affect agriculture. Local lawmaker at it again with anti-environmental bill. Nothing new. See story in the Miami Herald.

10/23/13 - Plug Into The Sun The Tampa Bay Times published an outstanding Op Ed written by Julia Hathaway, our Florida Organizing Representative for Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign. Julia's message is directed at Duke Energy, but it could easily be shared with most other electric utilities in Florida. Read the article at Tampa Bay Times.

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